Bethany Antonia: Our May Baby of the Month

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Bethany Antonia was born on April 4, 2020, weighing in at 6 lbs. 13.6 oz.

Mom Michelle and her now husband Jose, met in 2011 and were soon engaged within 6 months. At about this same time, Michelle was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). When Michelle and Jose talked early on about their future, they always knew they wanted to have one child together as a couple. Michelle had a child from a previous relationship already. They were so very excited to start their family together.

Fast forward to December 2012 when the couple married and then were transferred to NY through military orders. While in NY, Michelle underwent three rounds of Clomid treatment, which failed. In 2014 on Christmas Eve, the couple found out that they were pregnant, but abnormal bleeding led to a diagnosis of endometriosis and an ectopic pregnancy. Subsequently, Michelle had to terminate the pregnancy and her right fallopian tube was removed.

After that experience, they took a break and needed time to heal. As a couple, they knew the best way to have a family was through IVF. However, the state they were living in at the time did not have a mandate for fertility treatment. It was at this time that the couple decided to move back home to Hawaii where infertility coverage was mandated in the state. After a year of settling in again, the couple met with Dr. Karmon in October of 2018. A successful IVF cycle led to the birth of their beautiful and healthy baby girl. This December, the couple will celebrate their eight year wedding anniversary and their family is finally whole.

“We instantly felt like we had found a clinic and doctor who would help us to achieve our goal. There is no way for us to show how much we appreciate Dr. Karmon, Nurse Myra, and the whole team for our perfect little girl!”

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