Male Reproduction

  • Fertility Institute of Hawaii – HI Now TV Segment Discusses the Truth About Male Infertility and Cancer

    Fertility Institute of Hawaii on HI Now TV Our most recent segment was just featured on HI Now on November 19th and 24th, locally KGMB/KHNL, discussing what options there are for male patients diagnosed with cancer and how they can preserve their fertility.  In case you missed the show on air, you can watch it again […]

  • How does a Male’s Age affect Reproduction?

    Controversy exists as to whether embryonic development is influenced by the age of the male partner.  Since older men tend to reproduce with older women, it is difficult to eliminate from population studies the influence that the aging woman has on reproductive potential.  Although studies have demonstrated that aging increases aneuploidy as a result of […]

  • Does Male Age Impact Fertility?

    Female age has been shown in multiple studies to be a predictor of poor reproductive success with assisted reproductive technology (ART) resulting in decreased fertility rates, increased miscarriage rates, and decreased embryo implantation rates.  This decline in female reproductive function can be explained partly by an increase in chromosomal anomalies observed in oocytes and embryos.

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