How much does IVF cost in Australia?

As with most medical procedures and treatments, costs will vary depending on where you seek treatment and the centre that you choose. Additionally, IVF and other fertility services are highly dependent upon the specific needs of the patient.


For example, patients may require the use of donor eggs, donor sperm, or both. Other patients, on the other hand, may need the same with the addition of PGT testing or other services, all of which have an impact on the overall cost of treatment.


IVF Cost Without Insurance

In Australia, the first determining factor in how much one pays depends on insurance coverage and whether or not one qualifies for Medicare Australia. Patients who qualify for Medicare Australia may be able to receive aid when undergoing fertility treatment. Another factor to keep in mind is that Medicare and some insurance companies may deny coverage to IVF services if a woman has a low probability of success using her own eggs.


IVF cost - Australia

These factors can be decided by the health of the woman or, in many cases, her age, leading many women who could still potentially become mothers to be passed over altogether and left without help or treatment. Without coverage, couples paying out-of-pocket could be looking at prices starting around $10,000 and ranging to $20,000 —excluding medications or extra treatments as needed.


IVF with PGT Cost in Australia

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) is a much sought after service within the fertility world. PGT testing can help detect abnormalities in an IVF embryo to help decrease the chances of an unhealthy pregnancy and baby.

In Australia, funding does not cover PGT testing except in advanced cases where there is significant risk of a genetic abnormality in the embryo as evidenced by the health records of both parents. PGT testing also allows couples to build a balanced family by opening up the option of gender selection.  As such, it is an incredibly difficult treatment to obtain in the country even for couples who can cover the extra out-of-pocket costs, leading many to look beyond the shoreline when seeking treatment.

At the Fertility Institute of Hawaii, we know how important PGT testing can be on the journey to having a healthy baby. It is not only allowed, but encouraged, so that patients can have more control over their family building.


IVF Costs in Hawaii

We want to make sure everyone who wants a growing family has the chance regardless of financial status.  As such, we are proud to partner with a variety of financial services who can help you manage the costs of treatment so you can achieve your dream of a bigger family.

Additionally, your fertility team at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii will also work closely with you to determine the best course of action regarding treatment and costs to help you achieve your dream while reasonably adhering to the financial flexibility of your specific situation.  While medications are often not included in the overall cost of IVF treatment, there are options when it comes time to purchase your medications that will provide the lowest cost possible. To see if this is an option for you, simply reach out to your IVF coordinator when seeking treatment through Fertility Institute of Hawaii.

When coming to Hawaii from Australia for fertility treatment and IVF, there is hope, and you can manage the costs. We will work with you and your financial situation to help you on your journey toward a healthy baby.

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