Accessible IVF with INVOcell™

IVF that is simple, safe, natural, and less expensive


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What is Accessible IVF?
Accessible IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a modified In Vitro Fertilization procedure which utilizes the INVOcell device. After eggs are harvested, eggs and sperm are loaded into the INVOcell, a small medical-grade plastic device . The device is then placed into the patient’s vagina, allowing for a more natural ‘in vivo’ fertilization and embryo culture. The patient then returns to the office, the device is removed, and embryos are retrieved from the device, evaluated, and placed into the patient’s uterus.

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Are the medications used in Accessible IVF the same as those used in traditional IVF?
The medications are similar, but the doses used are lower; this allows for a more natural and affordable approach to ovarian stimulation. Your doctor will determine what medication dose is needed prior to starting your cycle.

Is the cycle monitoring done in Accessible IVF the same as what is done in traditional IVF?
There are fewer monitoring visits and less blood work taken during an Accessible IVF cycle, as compared to a traditional IVF cycle. Ultrasound exams are generally performed at the baseline visit and after 10 days of medication use.

What are the success rates of Accessible IVF?
In good prognosis patients, the pregnancy success rates per embryo transfer of Accessible IVF are the same as traditional IVF. However, there are many factors which can impact probability of success. Your doctor can take into account your personal medical history and counsel you regarding advantages and disadvantages of the Accessible IVF procedure.

What is the cost of Accessible IVF?
The cost depends on a number of factors including how much medication is used. However, the cost is approximately half of a traditional IVF cycle. The can be discussed in detail with your FIH provider during your treatment discussion visit.

How can I learn more about Accessible IVF?
Please contact the Fertility Institute of Hawaii at 808-545-2800 or complete our contact form to set up a consultation with a provider. At your consultation, you will discuss the recommended testing prior to proceeding with Accessible IVF, as well as a candid discussion on success rates, costs, and other options.

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