Fertility Institute of Hawaii – HI Now TV Segment Discusses Accessible IVF with the INVOcell

Fertility Institute of Hawaii on HI Now TV

Our most recent segment was just featured on HI Now (local KGMB/KHNL) on July 18 and 21, 2018 discussing Accessible IVF and the latest technology, the INVOcell. In case you missed the show on air, you can watch it again here.

What is the INVOcell?

Join us as Drs. Frattarelli and Karmon help to educate us about Accessible IVF and the latest IVF technology, the INVOcell. The INVOcell is a vaginal incubator that is revolutionizing traditional IVF by making IVF more accessible and greatly reducing costs. Accessible IVF is a modified IVF procedure that uses the INVOcell device, which is designed to be a small, medical grade plastic vaginal incubator. After eggs are harvested, eggs and sperm are loaded into the INVOcell, a small medical-grade plastic device . The device is then placed into the patient’s vagina, allowing for a more natural ‘in vivo’ fertilization and embryo culture. The patient then returns to the office, the device is removed, and embryos are retrieved from the device, evaluated, and placed into the patient’s uterus. #FertilityIofHI

View: https://www.hinowdaily.com/new-low-cost-technology-is-helping-women-with-infertility/

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