Natural Cycle/Minimal Stimulation IVF

The Fertility Institute of Hawaii was the first program in Hawaii to offer Natural IVF and Minimal stimulation IVF cycles. Natural IVF and Minimal stimulation IVF cycles are different than the standard IVF cycle which uses high doses of injectable medications to stimulate follicular development. They are not recommended for all patients and usually have lower success rates than standard IVF. One of the providers, Dr. Frattarelli, Dr. Karmon, or Dr. Goulet can discuss the utility of a Natural or Minimal Stimulation IVF cycle with you in more detail.

During a Natural IVF cycle, typically only one egg (oocyte) is obtained. During Minimal Stimulation IVF, the egg development is enhanced using medications such as clomid, letrozole, or small doses of gonadotrophins thereby enhancing the development of multiple eggs. While the number of eggs obtained is less than the number obtained during a standard IVF stimulation cycle, the cost of the cycle is approximately half of a normal stimulated cycle. The eggs obtained are fertilized, cultured and transferred just as in a typical IVF cycle.

For more information concerning the Natural/Minimal stimulation IVF cycle, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Frattarelli, Dr. Karmon, or Dr. Goulet to discuss the cost, which can vary based on medications used and possible success rates.

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