What is the Donor Egg IVF Process for Australian Patients?

The donor egg IVF process is quite different when it comes to choosing fertility services in Australia versus in the United States. The Fertility Institute of Hawaii offers patients some of the highest pregnancy rates in the world! We host one of the most successful donor egg programs and are at the forefront of advances in egg donation technology.

How Donor Services Work in the United States


Hawaii Fertility Options IVF

In the United States, potential donors undergo rigorous screenings, interviews, and tests to determine their eligibility. These evaluations encompass medical history, mental health assessments, and comprehensive physical tests, ensuring that donors are not only physically healthy but mentally fit as well.

While this thorough process might appear discouraging to some women, the truth is quite the opposite. Donors in the United States are compensated for their donations once they’re approved as possible donors. This means a steady flow of young fertile healthy eggs from all races, backgrounds, and ethnicities. But most of all, this means no more waiting in the queue to build your family.



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