We are proud to share our collection of videos with you!

These videos include a tour of our state-of-the-art fertility center in Honolulu, discussions with our world-renowned physicians Dr. John Frattarelli and Dr. Anatte Karmon about common fertility concerns and treatments, as well as videos from our patients sharing their success stories.

You can watch our videos on our YouTube channel, our Vimeo channel, throughout our website, or by browsing the list below.

The Fertility Institute of Hawaii – Video List

Ask the Docs: Donor Eggs and Donor Embryo IVF – Information for Donors and Recipients

Fertility Costs and Affordability: What to Know as a New Patient

My Pregnancy Journey – Dr. Anatte Karmon

The Patient Journey – Testimonial by Michelle

Hi Now & HMAA’s Mommy Moments: Fertility Institute of Hawaii – National Infertility Awareness Week 2021

My Fertility Story – Drs. John and LeighAnn Frattarelli

Ask the Docs: Fertility Preservation – What are my options?

Ask the Docs: Family Building for LGBTQ+ Patients

Ask the Docs: Ovulation Induction

Ask the Docs: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Ask the Docs: PGT & Genetic Carrier Screening – What Every Fertility Patient Should Know

Ask the Docs: Covid Vaccine and Fertility Treatments

Ask the Docs: Common pregnancy complications experienced by infertility patients

Ask the Docs: Infertility and Mental Health

Ask the Docs: Telehealth

Ask the Docs: FIH’s 10th Anniversary Livestream

Ask the Docs: Reflections on National Infertility Awareness Week

Ask the Docs: Endometriosis & Infertility

“I Will Love You Forever”

Meet. Dr. Annate Karmon

Meet Dr. John Frattarelli

Video Tour of our Fertility Center

Our World-Renowned Fertility Center

Insurance coverage and costs associated with fertility treatment

What to expect at an initial consultation

Frequently asked questions regarding infertility and its treatment

Fertility Treatment Options at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii

When to Seek IVF Treatment

Fertility Options for Patients Over 40 Video

Ovulation Induction and Infertility Options Video

What to Expect at Your First Visit?

What are Your Success Rates?

How Common are Recurrent Miscarriages?

What are PGS and PGD?

An explanation of the cost of IVF

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

IVF Overview and How We Will Help You Achieve Your Dream

Fertility Institute of Hawaii – Ideal Patients for Egg Donation Video

Becoming an Egg Donor

What is Endometrial Receptivity?

Do I Need Donor Eggs-Sperm?

What is Egg Donation?

HI Now – NIAW 2019

HI Now – Fertility Institute of Hawaii – Cancer Patients Have Options When Considering Fertility Treatment

HI Now – Fertility Institute of Hawaii – Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing

HI Now – Fertility Institute of Hawaii – Novel INVOcell device offering New Lower Cost Technology

HI Now – Fertility Institute of Hawaii – National Infertility Awareness Week

HI Now – Fertility Institute of Hawaii – National PCOS Awareness Month

Fertility Options for Same-Sex Couples

The Patient Journey – Testimonial by Erin

The Patient Journey – Testimonial by Katie

The Patient Journey – Testimonial by Nanci

Patient Success Story – Testimonial Shandell

Patient Success Story – Testimonial Allison and Lisa

Welcome to our Chinese clients

Welcome to our Korean clients

Welcome to our Japanese clients

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