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Testimonials from our Patients Around the World

It was the perfect place to have a holiday with gorgeous weather and friendly relaxed people. Plus, we received the fertility treatment we required. Dr. Frattarelli is the kindest doctor and was very open and honest with us about how the procedure would go and our chances of success.
We found the whole process fantastic. And most importantly, we are 8 months pregnant with a healthy baby boy. We cannot thank Dr. Frattarelli and his team enough! H&K -Australia

We had tried IVF multiple times in Australia without success and needed donor egg. We found Dr. Frattarelli in Hawaii, research his clinic, and decided to use his services. We are so happy because in just one donor egg IVF attempt we are now pregnant and have extra embryos frozen. Dr. Frattarelli and Staff –we cannot adequately express our gratitude and we were so lucky to have found you! -Australia.

I was unable to use donor sperm in Japan. After searching the internet, I decided to seek Dr. Frattarelli’s help for 3 reasons: 1. His outstanding success rates. 2. His experience with international patients. 3. The proximity to Japan. I have often vacationed in Hawaii so coming to Oahu for a 2 week stay and getting pregnant was easy. I did one IVF cycle with donor sperm and had success on the first cycle. I also have frozen embryos to use in the future if I choose. Thank you Dr. Frattarelli. -Japan.

When I contacted the International Fertility Institute of Hawaii I was immediately impressed by the congeniality of the staff. I research the clinic prior to contacting them but the first impression was one of a clinic that cared. I had a Skype consult with Dr. Frattarelli. After the consult, we visited his clinic for a day and discussed the upcoming cycle. We had attempted IVF multiple times before without success and wanted to do PGD. In our first attempt, we had 2 normal embryos. We transferred one and are currently pregnant. -Korea.

We have a girl and wanted a boy as well. We used PGD at the International Fertility Institute of Hawaii and now have the baby boy that we wanted. Dr. Frattarelli is a wonderful physician. He has great staff that make the experience easy and successful. -China.

We had attempted IVF multiple times in the past. In Canada, the ability to get good donors for IVF is limited. We heard about Dr. Frattarelli’s success rates at the International Fertility Institute of Hawaii. Our first donor cycle with a single embryo transfer was unsuccessful but we had enough embryos to freeze 8 blastocyst-embryos. We returned and underwent a second single embryo transfer that produced a pregnancy. We now have a beautiful baby girl and 7 more embryos frozen. -Canada.

Thank you to the staff at IFIH! You made the process easy to understand and ultimately very successful. We will forever be thankful for your help in allowing us to build our family. -New Zealand.

We are a couple who travelled to Hawaii for gender selection. We have 3 beautiful boys and wanted to add a little girl to complete our family. After multiple cycles with other clinics in the USA, we found Dr Frattarelli. We found him and his staff to be very professional and compassionate. We are currently pregnant after just one cycle!! (just turned 41). We would highly recommend Dr Frattarelli, especially overseas patients as it is a wonderful place to cycle and take the family for a holiday. –Australia.

We loved that we could take a vacation to Hawaii and get the Donor Egg IVF cycle with PGD that we needed at the same time. Dr. Frattarelli and the International Fertility Institute of Hawaii were very accommodating. Their expertise was evident throughout the process. The cycle proceeded very smoothly. Now we are pregnant with twins and have 3 embryos frozen as well! Thanks IFIH! -Japan.

Dr Frattarelli and Staff,

After attempting so many times with other clinics, I still cannot believe that I am pregnancy. I was able to get pregnancy thanks to your clinic. Your staff always made us relax and comfortable with their bright friendly smiles. Having Japanese speaking nurses that understand the IVF process really helped us understand the medical aspects of the treatment. I am so happy. Thank you. -Japan.

Dr. Frattarelli,

Thank you very much for taking care of me. The treatments I received in Japan failed many times. During the treatments in Japan, I experienced a lot of frustration towards to results and process. I was looking forward to receiving a treatment in Hawaii because I felt like that I might have different outcome which I was unable to get in Japan. Your facility in Hawaii is very nice and I felt very comfortable. I felt as if I was in a dream. Your clinic is very beautiful. While I received treatment, I visiting the clinic every day. I really appreciated that physicians and staff as they were knowledgeable and very kind to me. Your clinic is the place where our dream came true! During my present pregnancy, I am still anxious but I am very hopeful that everything will be fine. –Japan


I was so tearful with joy when I first met my baby girl after C-section. It was the greatest moment of my life because it has been such a long journey of infertility treatment. Our happiness and success are because of you, Dr. Frattarelli, and all of your staff. We are so happy to see our baby sleeping in peace…

Thank you so much.

M.N From Japan











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