Donor Eggs (Oocytes)

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Egg Donation Program

The Fertility Institute of Hawaii offers patients some of the highest pregnancy rates in the world! We host one of the most successful donor egg programs in the United States and the world. FIH is at the forefront of advances in egg donation technology.

Who are the egg donors?

Egg donors are young healthy fertile women who have decided to donate their eggs to help individuals and couples who need eggs. We have developed Hawaii’s first IVF egg bank. This will allow individuals to undergo the donor egg IVF process more efficiently. Our egg Bank of Hawaii has donated eggs from all ethnicities; however, our location in Hawaii allows us to have a diverse population of egg donors, including Native Hawaiian.  At the Fertility Institute of Hawaii, we also use the services of other egg banks across the country to procure cryopreserved eggs for our patients.

Who should utilize Donor Egg IVF in Hawaii?

Egg donation in Hawaii is an option for individuals and couples (whose eggs will no longer fertilize and produce healthy embryos). In this scenario, the female receiving the donated eggs is the embryo recipient. Egg quality generally declines with advancing female age but it can occur at any age. Ovarian reserve is a measure of “egg quality and quantity” that can be evaluated during the infertility workup.

Two options are available for patients desiring to use Donor Eggs:

Option #1: Fresh Donor Egg IVF cycle –90% cumulative live birth rate.

With a fresh cycle, you receive all of the eggs that a donor produces so the pregnancy rate is exceptional.   Even after a successful pregnancy, approximately 50% of recipients will have additional embryos to cryopreserve for biological siblings. Since the eggs are not ready for immediate use, a fresh donor egg cycle requires some coordination and time in order to complete.

To choose the appropriate treatment option for you, please contact our Donor Egg Coordinator at 808-545-2800 to schedule a consultation and pre-screening with Dr. Frattarelli, Dr. Karmon, or Dr. Goulet.

Option #2: Egg Bank of Hawaii utilizing vitrified donor eggs – 60% cumulative live birth rate.

The cost for utilizing vitrified donor eggs is approximately half of what a traditional cycle would cost. Our donor eggs are frozen for your immediate use so you can cycle at a time that works best for you. Frozen donor eggs give you certainty that your cycle will not be canceled because of a donor who fails pre-screening, has a low ovarian response or unexpectedly has a life event. In most cases, using frozen donor eggs is more cost effective than a traditional fresh cycle because the fixed costs associated with donor egg retrieval is shared across more than one lot of eggs. Furthermore, our success rates are nearly as good as traditional cycles. If available, you may purchase additional lots of eggs for future attempts at having full biological siblings.

The Fertility Institute of Hawaii is one of the founding partners of the Donor Egg Bank USA which was created to fulfill the desire of our patients to gain access to a diverse database of donors with the added convenience of a quicker treatment process.  The Donor Egg Bank USA is one of the most comprehensive frozen donor egg programs in the United States and offers patients several options for frozen donor egg treatments

Donor Egg Bank USA


  • Donor Egg Bank USA is a network of the most respected and premier fertility practices in the United States and Canada. In response to the growing need for a nationwide database of diverse egg donors, Donor Egg Bank USA was launched to assist fertility patients in their dream of having a baby, with the added convenience of a quicker treatment process. Since 2012, the DEB USA network has shipped more than 3,500 egg lots on behalf of partner fertility programs like ours, across the US and Canada.
  • With the advancements in assisted reproductive technologies, there are now more options available to help men and women build their families. The Fertility Institute of Hawaii and Donor Egg Bank USA has helped hundreds of individuals and couples realize their dream of having a baby, and we invite you to speak with one of their dedicated team members to get started today.

Frozen Egg Quality

  • Fertility Institute of Hawaii (FIH) is proud to be a partner in the Donor Egg Bank USA network.  Having demonstrated good historical quality within the lab, and a proficiency in egg freezing and thawing, we are pleased to offer our patients frozen eggs with confidence. Unfortunately, not many programs have perfected the skill of egg freezing and even fewer can demonstrate consistent results over time. Donor Egg Bank USA tightly manages quality across the network to ensure very little variability between programs.  Why Quality Matters

Frozen Egg Donors

  • Fertility Institute of Hawaii (FIH) only works with agencies who uphold the highest medical and ethical standards, because we value the health and welfare of the egg donors.  Donor Egg Bank USA has met our high standards for quality and consistency and is pleased to offer our patients frozen eggs with confidence. Search Donors
  • Donor Egg Bank USA differs from most programs in that all the egg donors have already had their eggs frozen and are ready to be shipped to our site for your convenience. All the donors have been screened for over 200 common genetic disorders to ensure egg quality. With frozen donor eggs, there is a 0% chance of a cancelled cycle due to a donor’s life event, failure to pass prescreening, or ovarian stimulation, and additional eggs can often be purchased for future use, upon completion of successful treatment. Search Donors
  • Fertility Institute of Hawaii (FIH) encourages you to register to view the donors on the Donor Egg Bank USA website who have eggs available for selection.  There is no cost or obligation to register. All of the donors available have passed their initial screening which includes: baseline testing, infectious disease testing, psychological screening, drug screening, genetic testing, a history and a physical.  Each donor has finished her injections and has undergone IVF to have her eggs collected and frozen.  When an egg donor is available for selection on the website, her eggs are ready to be shipped immediately to our program. Search Donors

Assured Refund Guarantee

Fertility Institute of Hawaii (FIH) participates in Donor Egg Bank USA’s Assured Refund Plan™.  More than 95% of applicants qualify for this plan.  

  • A one-time option, Donor Egg Bank USA is the only egg bank that offers a 100% money-back Assured Refund Plan™
  • 6 egglots for transfer and unlimited frozen embryo transfer cycles


Should a live-born baby not result, then 100% of the plan fee paid to Donor Egg Bank USA is refunded.   The Assured Refund Plan™ provides peace of mind not just through the treatment process, but all of the way to the baby’s delivery.  Learn More

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