Ask the Docs May 2024: National Military Awareness Month

National Military Awareness Month has been an important time for us to honor and support our military patients. On May 31st, 2024, the Fertility Institute of Hawaii recorded a special livestream where our physicians discussed various aspects related to military personnel seeking fertility treatments.

During this insightful session, Drs. Frattarelli, Karmon, and Goulet shared valuable information tailored specifically for our military patients. They covered what military families should know before beginning fertility treatments and highlighted the unique challenges and considerations they may face. Our doctors also shared personal experiences and connections to the military, underscoring our commitment to serving those who serve our country.

We are incredibly proud of the work we do here at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii, and we are honored to provide specialized care for our military patients. Whether you are a military member or you know someone who is, we encourage you to reach out for more information about our services.

Please call our office at 808-545-2800 or visit our website at Our initial new patient consultations can be conveniently done from the comfort of your own home.

Thank you to all our military families for your service and sacrifice. We are here to support you every step of the way on your fertility journey.

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