Recent Research Regarding Ectopic Pregnancies


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Recent Research Regarding Ectopic Pregnancies*

There is always new research happening in the Reproductive Medicine world!

At the recent ASRM conference this past October, there was a study that was discussed.

The study compared methotrexate** vs letrozole*** for treatment of ectopic pregnancies. The small study showed some promising evidence that letrozole may be just as effective as methotrexate. This is exciting news as oral letrozole has fewer side effects than the injectable methotrexate that we currently use.  Larger studies need to be conducted but this small study looked promising.


*Ectopic pregnancy: a pregnancy that occurs outside of the uterus, commonly inside a fallopian tube. It can be very dangerous if not treated.

**Methotrexate: an injectable chemotherapy drug that stops growth of pregnancy by effectively killing the rapidly dividing cells of the ectopic pregnancy.

***Letrozole: an oral medication that prevents aromatase from producing estrogens- an anti-estrogen.

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