Ask the Docs: What is an Embryologist, and what happens in the IVF laboratory?

On July 18th, 2023, Drs. Anatte Karmon and Emily Goulet hosted a Facebook livestream with special guests Pauline Garrison and Linda Coelho, both Senior Embryologists.  This month in celebration of World Embryology Day, our livestream was entitled “What is an Embryologist, and what happens in the IVF laboratory?”

In this informative session, we discuss the magic that happens within the IVF laboratory, get to know a few of the unsung heroes behind successful IVF procedures, and learn more about the intricate process of fertilization, embryo development, and the cutting-edge techniques that make dreams of parenthood come true.

During this session, the following was discussed:

  • What is an Embryologist? 
  • How does the work of an embryologist directly impact the success of IVF treatments?
  • How long does it take for the lab to complete the IVF/ICSI process after the egg retrieval?
  • What are you looking for after the fertilization process?
  • How do embryologists ensure the quality and health of embryos? 
  • Do all embryos make it to blastocyst stage? 
  • What precautions and measures are taken to maintain the safety and security in the lab?
  • How often do you check on the embryos? 
  • Should I transfer a day 3 vs day 5 embryo vs frozen embryo ?
  • Can you screen for genetic abnormalities? 
  • Can you describe the cryopreservation process – Is there a time limit on how long oocytes/embryos/sperm can be frozen? 
  • Describe a typical work day in the lab –how have things changed since you started in 2003?

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