Ask the Docs: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

On September 9, 2020, Drs. John L. Frattarelli and Anatte Karmon hosted a Facebook Live Session about Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, with guest speaker Dr. Greigh Hirata.

Early pregnancy loss is a devastating but common complication that occurs in 15% of clinically recognized pregnancies. Approximately 2% of women experience two consecutive pregnancy losses, but the overwhelming majority of these women will have a subsequent live birth.

Although most women will go on to have a baby after having a miscarriage, there are some tests and treatments that may diminish the risk of an additional pregnancy loss, which were discussed in great detail. 

Fertility Institute of Hawaii is dedicated to making your fertility journey a safe, successful, and affordable one. We are currently doing many of our appointments from the comfort of your own home via telemedicine and we are now starting to schedule for certain in-office visits as well. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 808-545-2800. Helping to Create New Beginnings…

Ask the Docs: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss from Fertility Institute of Hawaii on Vimeo.

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