Ask the Docs March 2024: Endometriosis

We are so excited to be back with the first ‘Ask the Docs’ of 2024! March is National Endometriosis Awareness Month and several of our doctors at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii took the opportunity to share a plethora of information on the topic. Drs. Frattarelli and Goulet spent the afternoon of March 26th, 2024 discussing what endometriosis is, how it can affect the body, its relationship to fertility, and much more. With years of experience treating patients with this condition, the physicians at FIH are very familiar with endometriosis and answered the most common questions that they receive.

Endometriosis is a condition where endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus and into other parts of the body. When it begins to grow in areas such as the fallopian tubes or on top of the ovaries, it can cause bleeding in those areas during the menstrual cycle. It is estimated that nearly one-third of women who present with infertility might have endometriosis.

Watch the full livestream above to learn more! If you are interested in scheduling a consultation or are looking for more information about fertility care, please call our office at 808-545-2800 or visit our website Our initial new patient consultations are done from the comfort of your own home.

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