Exposure to Magnetic Field Nonionizing Radiation During Pregnancy May Increase Risk of ADHD in Offspring


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Exposure to Magnetic Field Nonionizing Radiation During Pregnancy May Increase Risk of ADHD in Offspring

Magnetic field (MF) nonionizing radiation is found in things such as wireless devices and networks including cell phone towers, electric appliances, and power lines. A recently published study (De-Kun Li et al. JAMA Netw Open. 2020; 3(3):e201417) evaluated radiation exposure in pregnant women by asking them to wear a monitor which measures radiation levels. The women were categorized into groups: 1. Low level of MF radiation 2. Higher levels of MF radiation.

The offspring from these women were followed up to age 20 or until they received a diagnosis of ADHD. The study also looked at children with diagnosis of ADHD and categorized them into ones with immunologic comorbidities (such as asthma and atopic dermatitis) and ones without, since previous literature suggested that MF radiation may be linked to problems with the immune system.

The results of the study showed a greater than 2 times risk of offspring receiving an ADHD diagnosis if their mothers were exposed to higher levels of MF radiation during pregnancy.  The study also showed that exposure to MF nonionizing radiation was associated with more than 4 times the risk of ADHD with immune-related comorbidities.  This supports the biological reasoning that increased exposure to MF nonionizing radiation during pregnancy may affect fetal development, specifically that of the brain and immune system.

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