Can I Still Drink Coffee When I’m Trying to Get Pregnant?


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Can I Still Drink Coffee When I’m Trying to Get Pregnant?

There are many environmental and dietary questions when it comes to improving fertility.

One common question is whether coffee is safe to consume when trying to get pregnant. Typical recommendations for women who are pregnant or attempting to conceive are to avoid drinking more than one caffeinated beverage per day. These recommendations are based on literature linking high periconceptional caffeine intake to higher risk of miscarriage (1). A recent clinical trial looked at whether coffee consumption affects the chances of achieving a clinical pregnancy and live birth in women and couples undergoing fertility treatment (2). (

In the women undergoing IVF treatment, there was no significant difference in live birth among coffee drinkers versus those who did not drink coffee. Interestingly, women who were having IUI treatments and drank 1-5 cups of coffee per day had a slightly higher probability of achieving a clinical pregnancy compared to women who did not drink coffee. These results should be interpreted with caution and should not be utilized to change current recommendations regarding caffeine intake.

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