Sophie: Our December Baby of the Month

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“We always made sure not to get pregnant for the past 10 years of being together, and when we felt that it was time to have a baby, it was not happening. It was life’s cruel joke.”

Mom Rianna and her husband have been married since they were in their 20’s. They were young and so in love, with a lot of hopes and dreams ahead of them. As a couple, they had a lot on their bucket list that they wanted to accomplish before having a baby. Eight years after being married, when both had accomplished everything that they were hoping for in life, plus more, it was time to start a family. After a year of trying and no success, the couple decided to seek the help of a fertility specialist. It was determined that there was a male factor issue.

Knowing what the problem was, the couple started searching for the best fertility clinic on the island. After having gone to two other clinics for a consultation and being told to do IUI treatments first, it was time to get a third opinion. After meeting with Dr. Frattarelli, he indicated that the possibility of an IUI working was very small and advised the couple to go straight to IVF treatment,. The couple took this advice and Dr. Frattarelli saved them precious time, effort, and resources.

Rianna’s egg retrieval was in August 2018 and her first FET was in November of that same year. Their very first transfer worked and resulted in a positive pregnancy. “We are very thankful and consider ourselves very, very, very lucky for having a very successful IVF on our first try with 6 PGS tested normal embryos frozen.”

Beautiful baby girl Sophie was born just after the couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary this year, truly a wonderful gift from above.

“We were very impressed by FIH’s staff. Everyone is very professional and are genuinely kind and caring. Our IVF coordinator, Taylor is especially wonderful. She is very smart and professional and at the same time very sweet and caring. We wholeheartedly trusted Dr. Frattarelli and the entire process and followed all instructions to a T. Our whole IVF process went fast and very smoothly.”

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