Robert: Our August 2017 Baby of the Month

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“Everyone at FIH was so friendly and helpful and we enjoyed working with Dr. Karmon.”

Mom Jamie knew she always wanted to have a family. After trying for six months and after two cycles of Clomid, a basic fertility treatment, Jamie sought the help of Fertility Institute of Hawaii. Diagnosed with PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, conceiving naturally was proving to be difficult. Time went on and Jamie tried three IUI cycles, but again, no success. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Jamie and her husband moved onto IVF with ICSI and an FET or Frozen Embryo Transfer. For the couple, the first round of IVF was successful, and they were on the way to the family they always dreamed of. Little Robert James was born on July 14, 2017, as perfect as ever, surprising his parents with an early entrance into the world.

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