Remi: Our September 2016 Baby of the Month

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“We are so thankful for this miracle and believe everything happens for a reason.”

Mom Staci met her husband during high school, but they lost contact with each other after he joined the US Navy. Fast forward thirteen years later and they reconnected via Facebook, got married, and the rest is history. Staci was always open and honest about being diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at an early age. The couple knew they wanted children and much research went into the options available to them. They decided to try IVF with the use of donor eggs, which unfortunately was unsuccessful on the first cycle. After a break in treatment due to deployment, the couple did a second transfer on December 5, 2015, that resulted in a healthy, singleton pregnancy. Baby girl Remi Ann Marie Kekai was born on August 19, 2016 to two parents who consider her not only to be perfect, but to be their little angel.

Our prayer team was hard at work during our second transfer and throughout the entire pregnancy.” -Staci

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