Phoenix: Our January 2016 Baby of the Month

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Sometimes, you just know things… I remember walking into Dr. Frattarelli’s office and seeing the picture of the embryo on the screen. I knew immediately and without a doubt it was going to be a success.”

Mom Christine met and fell in love later in life, marrying her husband at age 41. After a few months of trying to conceive and a loss, she explored the option of IVF using PGD, at the suggestion of her OB doctor. With only a few chromosomally normal embryos after IVF and a failed cycle in the summer of 2012, Christine decided to take a break from treatment. Unexpectedly and without intervention, she conceived naturally and delivered a healthy baby boy named Peregrine in 2013. Having one frozen male embryo still in storage, Christine knew the couple had to try IVF one more time. At age 45 years old in January of 2016, Christine gave birth to son Phoenix. Created years before his brother was born, older by existence, younger by birth, and brought to life after his frozen slumber, he was welcomed home.

My heart is so thankful for the doctor that John Frattarelli is in his practice. He is kind, caring, and works with his patients with a true desire to bring the joy of family to them. -Christine

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