Omani and O’Shea: Our December Babies of the Month

“I mean if we could calmly survive the epic false incoming ballistic missile alert while in the office for our egg retrieval, we knew we could do this.”

Mom Tamara knew she always wanted to have a family. Her story began in 2006 as teenagers when she met her future husband to be, Omari. They were young and had no clue where life would take them. In 2011, the couple tied the knot and shortly after they began trying to start a family. After several years with no luck, they decided to seek medical advice.

Tamara was then officially diagnosed with endometriosis in 2014. This was devastating and an even more trying journey to conceive, despite everyone stating that they were young and it was going to happen. December 2017, the couple began IVF with a positive outlook.

Two months later, after their first transfer, the couple got the news that they were expecting. The story gets even better when not only were they getting ready to welcome one bundle of joy, but two! Twin boys Omani and O’Shea were born on October 11th, both healthy and happy. Destined to be parents, this couple is over the moon with joy and has now officially become a party of four.

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