Naia: Our August 2015 Baby of the Month

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“Being evaluated for infertility is scary and overwhelming, but the more comfortable you can become and the more open, you realize that there are so many resources and people to reach out to.

Mom Lia knew she always wanted children, but her husband, 13 years her senior, was not sure. It took a while, but the couple agreed to try to get pregnant, after enjoying married life for a few years, but nothing was happening. So she finally “gave in” and contacted Fertility Institute of Hawaii to schedule an appointment.

Standard testing revealed that the couple was dealing with male factor infertility and that IVF with PGD testing was their best option. Two embryos were transferred on the first try and one stuck. Little Naia was born August 1, 2015 healthy and happy. With advanced technology, the couple still has embryos in storage, for the possibility of having additional children in the future.

I think it is important for other couples to know that they’re not alone in this and there is a large supportive community out there… not to mention the awesome staff at Fertility Institute of Hawaii. – Lia

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