Monty: Our June Baby of the Month

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Mitch and Leyla had a small wedding during Covid in 2020, purchased a townhome in 2021, and the next goal was to start a family. Their new house soon felt empty, yet the couple was unsuccessful in conceiving since getting married. Referred to FIH for help, when it seemed like everyone around them at work was getting pregnant naturally and oftentimes, unplanned, they were eager to begin their journey. Dr. Karmon determined that IUI was the best course of treatment after a diagnostic workup. IUI number 2 was the lucky one! Little “Monty.” was born naturally on October 18, 2022 at Kapiolani Medical Center weighing in at a healthy 6lbs. 12.2 oz, 21.5″ long.

“We are forever grateful for this blessing, and we pray for everyone else on their journey at FIH. Thank you to you all!”

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