Jeweliana: Our August Baby of the Month

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“I loved the staff and how welcomed they made me feel every time I stepped foot into the office.”

Mom Christi-Ann had struggled with PCOS for years and knew that conceiving may be a struggle for her. After getting married in July of 2016 at age 26, Christi-Ann and husband Brandon decided to start trying to conceive at the start of 2017. After a year of being unsuccessful, her OBGYN did an ultrasound but saw nothing abnormal and prescribed Clomin for 5-6 months, again this did not work. “It was difficult to see many of our close friends having babies while I couldn’t even ovulate.”

In July of 2018, Christi-Ann was referred to the Fertility Institute of Hawaii by her OBGYN. After several initial tests and an ultrasound, polyps in the uterus were discovered and they required surgical removal by Dr. Sloane Berger-Chen. After her procedure, it was recommended to start on a supplement called Ovasitol to help her ovulate. She ordered it right away and started taking it immediately. At a discuss options appointment after her procedure with Dr. Frattarelli, it was decided that IUI would be the best course of initial treatment that was to start in April 2019, once Christi-Ann switched insurances. Dr. Frattarelli told her as she was leaving this appointment that just because she had PCOS, it didn’t mean she couldn’t ovulate and sometimes it does happen naturally, to not give up. This encouragement worked and after her next cycle in October 2018, she conceived naturally. At the beginning of December 2018, the couple found out they were pregnant, their early Christmas miracle. Jeweliana was born happy and healthy on July 29, 2019, a true testament to always having hope.

“I am so thankful to the Fertility Institute of Hawaii for helping me on my journey to starting a family.”

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