Dexter and Ada: Our July Babies of the Month

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“I had always known that I would be a mom, it was in my bones, but after 10+ years of not being able to get pregnant on our own, I began to think that maybe it wasn’t in the cards for me.”

Mom Katie had always known that she would be a mom one day. However, the way that she would become a mom after several years of trying, was not something that anyone could have known without the help of a specialist. After many long discussions with her husband, the couple decided to see if there was a barrier that was preventing them from getting pregnant on their own. Katie jokes that all her plumbing was in working order but they discovered through the help of Dr. Fratteralli, that she had a low ovarian reserve. She didn’t have a lot of eggs to work with so time was not in their favor. The best option to starting a family was through IVF.

The IVF egg retrieval produced only 4 eggs, and Katie struggled to be hopeful about a successful round. Her IVF coordinator, Jae, was her rock, she held her hand through the whole process and answered all her silly questions. I put my
faith in the team at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii and after only one round of IVF, I became pregnant with multiples. Twins Ada and Dexter entered this world on April 14, 2019, ever so happy and healthy.

“It was a long, emotional journey that I couldn’t have gotten through if it hadn’t been for the team at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii.”

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