Cloys Declan: Another December Baby of the Month

“Made with lots of aloha and a little bit of science.”

Justin and mom Allie had been trying to conceive naturally for over a year to no avail. After no success with the “we’re not preventing anything method”, Allie began her journey into self-treatment. She used an app to track her cycle. She read journal articles, and learned more about bodily fluids than she ever cared to. She modified her diet. She even bought a silly bracelet and wore it to bed every night, begging for it to tell her upon which day she would be fertile. Being in healthcare herself, she knew that after a year of trying, something was wrong and that they needed to seek assistance. This knowledge coupled with watching every single one of their couple friends get pregnant (some even twice) in the time they tried to just get one positive pregnancy test made her highly motivated to get to the bottom of their fertility issue. She went to her regular OB/GYN, who referred her to FIH, as she had worked with Dr. Karmon in the past. After completing the initial series of testing and labs, everything came back normal. This was both positive news and heart breaking. Why couldn’t they get pregnant if nothing was wrong? Dr. Frattarelli suggested that their course of treatment begin with IUI. They were fortunate enough to get to work with Tricia for the
entire process of their IUI. Allie cannot say enough nice things about her. “She made the treatment and the process easy to understand, and I felt supported by her every step of the way.”

They completed their IUI on March 2nd. “I hate to admit, but I was highly skeptical this could work. Month after month of disappointment can do that to a person though. However, 2 weeks later we received the best news of our lives, WE WERE PREGNANT! I had to have the results repeated to me because I could not believe it. The only title I’ve ever wanted to hold (mom), was going to be a reality.”

“We were so fortunate to have had success so quickly into our infertility journey, but this sweet boy, who is now our world named Cloys Declan and born on November 1st, would still be a distant dream without the Fertility Institute of Hawaii and its staff. I have recommended several people to FIH because of how wonderful our experience was. The FIH staff consistently made my husband and myself feel cared for and supported; our journey was their journey too. We will never be able to thank FIH enough for the gift they have given us.”

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