Cameron & Jeremiah: Our July 2015 Babies of the Month

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“The day of my transfer, we put in two embryos and the same day, I just knew I felt implantation.

Mom Lisa met her new spouse in 2008. With the delivery of her son at 31 weeks, she had a c-section and then a tubal ligation. When Lisa and her now husband wanted to have children, Lisa underwent a tubal reversal surgery. Thinking that trying to conceive would then be easy within 6 months, her husband soon learned that there was a sperm problem. Lisa also learned that there was scarring after the surgery and tubal blockage was confirmed after undergoing an HSG or Hysterosalpingograph, giving her little chance to conceive again naturally. After landing a new job that offered health benefits, IVF became an option for the couple.

For Lisa, she experienced a delay in transfer due to elevated hormone levels, being put on strict bed rest, being pulled out of work, and severe migraine aura headaches. It has certainly been both a journey and a struggle, but Jeremiah Carter and Cameron Jonathan arrived safely on July 28, 2015.

I wanted to give up at one time, but I kept telling myself I am almost there, finding hope, solace, and support in blogs and online resources from other moms of twins.

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