Janey & Kysen: Our September Babies of the Month

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Mom Julie and husband Sean wed in 2016 and started trying for a family in 2017. After trying for a year with no success, they sought out the help of a doctor in San Diego, where they were living at the time. Unfortunately, Julie was misdiagnosed and struggled terribly with medications and various protocols that made her feel less than ideal. She also felt that she was not being taken care of the way she should by her providers. Fast forward to moving back home to Hawaii, and Julie had an entirely different experience. “From the initial appointment, we knew we found a place full of people who cared about our future family. Everyone from Emily, Zoe, Anna, Tricia, Taylor and Dr. Frattarelli were outstanding and always made us feel welcome, safe, and hopeful all while being realistic.” Julie told Sean that even if they never got pregnant, she would never regret going to FIH.

Three years into their fertility struggles, the couple went ahead with IVF and had huge success with their egg retrieval. Although their first embryo transfer did not take, their second transfer blessed them with their twins. Little girl Janey and her brother Kysen were born 3 months early on December 10, 2020 and the wonderful NICU team at Kapiolani saved their premature babies. “The NICU journey was challenging in all aspects, but Taylor from FIH continued to check in on us and the babies and that meant so much to us. We even visited FIH when they came home from the NICU.”

“Janey and Kysen are now thriving as happy, healthy 9-month-olds and we owe it all to Dr. Frattarelli, Taylor our IVF coordinator, the FIH staff, and the Kapiolani NICU team. FIH truly made our dreams come true, times two!”

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