Benjamin: Our August Baby of the Month

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When Mom Mia first came to the Fertility Institute of Hawaii in 2017, she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant since they were married in 2007. Mia had focused so much on her career that before she knew it, she was in her mid-30’s and still had not had a child. The couple always planned on having a baby, but never did they think that it would be so difficult. In 2017, they attempted their first treatments, starting with multiple IUI’s. They had success, but then also experienced their first loss as a couple. The devastation was so great that they almost gave up on having a baby. In late 2018, they decided to try one last time for a family and went ahead with their first IVF treatment and an FET. They were so afraid to get excited but from the minute they saw their embryos on the day of transfer, they felt this time would be different. The couple was very fortunate and their first FET resulted in a positive pregnancy test and successful pregnancy.

They had many milestones along the way, making it out of the first trimester, finding out the gender, feeling their little boy move for the first time, and most importantly, welcoming their son Benjamin into this world. Benjamin was born happy and healthy on July 27, 2019.

“We could not have done it without Dr. Frattarelli and the whole team. Thank you so much for being part of our baby’s journey and helping make our dreams come true.”

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