Tracking Your Cycle when Trying to Conceive


As promised, each Thursday, we will now offer you a piece of educational, science, or research related information. The purpose of our #ThursdayThoughts post is to share with you fact-based content that can enlighten and assist you on your fertility journey. Enjoy our post! Helping to Create New Beginnings….

Tracking Your Cycle when Trying to Conceive

Many couples track their cycles while trying to conceive. There are different ways to do this including basal body temperature, cervical fluid and position changes, LH predictor kits, electronic fertility monitors, and menstrual cycle calendars.  A recent study (Stanford et al. Nov 2019 Fertil Steril) showed that using these methods decreases time to pregnancy. In other words, couples using these methods may be able to achieve a pregnancy faster.  However, when different types of indicators were compared, the results were similar, suggesting that all methods are equally effective in terms of improving natural fertility. This is great news for our patients who prefer to monitor their fertility with simple, cost-effective methods such as calendar tracking. Further investigation is needed to confirm these findings, but many couples may be able to avoid the expense of LH predictor kits and electronic monitors. For more information regarding improving natural fertility, please visit our website at or call 808-545-2800 to schedule an appointment with a physician at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii.

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