Recurrent Pregnancy Loss


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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Early pregnancy loss is a devastating but common complication that occurs in 15% of clinically recognized pregnancies. Approximately 2% of women experience two consecutive pregnancy losses- the overwhelming majority of these women will have a subsequent live birth.

Although most women will go on to have a baby after having a miscarriage, there are some tests and treatments that may diminish the risk of an additional pregnancy loss. Some causes for recurrent pregnancy loss include:

  1. Chromosomal rearrangements: Genetic factors in the female or male partner can predispose couples to recurrent pregnancy loss. A blood test in the male and female can evaluate for this.
  2. Uterine factors: Issues with the uterus such as endometrial polyps, fibroids, or uterine anomalies (abnormal uterine shapes) can increase risk for miscarriage. A saline ultrasound can detect these abnormalities.
  3. Immunologic factors: Certain antibodies which are associated with miscarriage can be tested for in the blood.
  4. Endocrine factors: Certain hormone problems, such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, or high prolactin, can be associated with miscarriage. Simple blood tests can be used to assess these factors.
  5. Environmental factors: Nutrition and environmental factors predisposing to miscarriage include excessive maternal caffeine intake and exposure to excessive heat (i.e. saunas).

If you have experienced miscarriages, please consider seeking the care of a fertility specialist. Almost all the causes of miscarriage have potential treatments including medications like aspirin and blood thinners, in vitro fertilization with genetic testing, and uterine surgery. In cases where there is no known cause of recurrent pregnancy loss, some interventions, such as the use of low-dose aspirin or progesterone, may still be indicated. For more information on recurrent pregnancy loss and its treatment, please visit our website or call us at 808-545-2800 to schedule an appointment with a physician.

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