Fertility Institute of Hawaii acquires an EmbryoScope

We are One of the Exclusive Few Fertility Centers in the World with an Embryoscope

The Fertility Institute of Hawaii recently acquired a very advanced type of incubator for our IVF laboratory.  It is called the EmbryoScope.    We are one of only 10 centers in the United States to have this specialized incubator of which there are less than 100 in the world.  We are very excited about this acquisition.

EmbryoScope at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii

The EmbryoScope is a state-of-the-art incubator that allows continuous documentation of embryo development and uninterrupted culture of embryos.  Since embryos are very sensitive to changes in temperature, oxygen, air changes, ph changes, etc, this special incubator will allow us to monitor an embryo’s development and collect images of the embryo as it develops without removing the embryo from the incubator.  This will allow us to more accurately choose the best embryos for our patients.

The EmbryoScope incubator represents a technological advance in embryo culture and monitoring.  It should facilitate improved IVF treatment and evaluation of embryos thereby improving our already stellar pregnancy rates.

Through time-lapse imaging, our incubator allows embryologists to watch and record the development of embryos for research purposes and for the direct improvement of clinical practice. During the first 5 days of development, embryos undergo exponential growth, changing from a single cell fertilized egg to a blastocyst stage embryo. With time-lapse imaging, embryologists can view the characteristics and timing of each developmental transition, and use this information to help select the embryos most likely to result in a healthy live birth.

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