The Costs of IVF Treatment

Financial Information for IVF Procedures

Here at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii we are a well – equipped state of the art facility focused on providing the best treatment plans for our patients, including those seeking In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  Our facility is known worldwide as having very high IVF success rates which is why we attract patients from abroad, as well as from Hawaii.

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What is the Cost of IVF Treatment?

IVF is a multi-step process which we have outlined here on our website.  There are many different options when it comes to IVF procedures ranging from Natural IVF, to IVF with adopted embryos.  Therefore, there is no one set price for IVF as there are many different options.  Therefore, the cost for IVF will vary depending on the treatment protocol and medications needed during the IVF cycle.

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Health Insurance and IVF Costs

We understand that there are many factors involved with our patients regarding payment of services.  Some patients may have insurance that will cover some, if not all of the costs of IVF treatment, while others many need to look for alternative payment methods to subsidize the costs of IVF.  The financing of infertility and IVF is very complex.  As such, the best approach is to have a consultation with one of our providers to discuss your treatment options and ultimately your financial options, including possible insurance payment for IVF.

ARC Partnership and IVF Financing

For those without insurance coverage, the Fertility Institute of Hawaii is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. (ARC), to provide you with the most affordable options for your care.

ARC offers payment information including:

•    Treatment option payment information
•    Financing options with pharmacies
•    Financing options regarding  payment plans
•    Refund guarantee information

All of the above information resources and financing options can be accessed via this link.

Please feel free to connect for more information at our contact page or call us at 808-545-2800.

We close with some baby news and updates from our patients! Thank you all!

Thank you so much for helping us meet our little Pearl! She is now 15 months.  LD, Hilo.


This is Ireland Falemaota Olive Born Jan 10, 2014…9lbs, 20in.  Thank you Dr. Fratt for our little princess. We love you guys!


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