National Infertility Awareness Week Sponsored by RESOLVE


While the Fertility of Institute of Hawaii (FIH) and our patients are deeply embedded in the infertility community 365 days a year, this is not the case for the vast majority of Americans.  Did you know that according to RESOLVE, the National Infertility Awareness Association,  that one in every eight couples will not be able to become pregnant without medical intervention? Of these cases, sixty percent will be attributed to male or female reproductive concerns, while the remaining may be due to factors unknown or unclear for diagnosis.  How to help all who will be faced with infertility?  Commence the National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) campaign spearheaded by RESOLVE.

In an effort to help bring infertility to the forefront, RESOLVE has established a week of dedicated media events in order to help educate the public.  They have conducted this educational platform for two – dozen years with 2014 being their 25th anniversary!

This year from April 20-26th 2014, regional and national groups will focus their efforts on discussing matters of infertility.  The hope is to lessen any negative stigma about infertility and motivate those who are having difficulty becoming pregnant or wish to build a family via means such as surrogacy, to learn more and seek professional care.  Celebrities are often part of the event schedule to help demonstrate that infertility is a matter of the heart and body that is exceptionally common and no one needs to feel shame or not ask for help.

How can one learn more about infertility?

First, our Fertility Institute of Hawaii center offers a comprehensive website chocked full of information, including video descriptions of reproductive disorders, treatment options and more about our facility.

RESOLVE supports and encourages infertility patients worldwide to seek professional assistance for their challenges to conceive.  Also recommended by RESOLVE and supported by FIH are the following “call to action items”:

  • Know more about family building and all the options available in the United States
  • Know more about new technologies, including those for gender selection
  • Know how to help combat the diseases that cause infertility and when to seek treatment
  • Know more about adoption and surrogacy programs
  • Know more about how to help others and advocacy programs
  • Know how to contact our legislators/congressmembers to inform them about the importance of infertility benefits

Here at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii we offer a full service medical center with the latest technologies that have been highlighted in the past via RESOLVE/NIAW, including the embryoscope. We hope that you will connect with us to make an appointment or learn more via our website contact form (including off-island/ international fertility patients).

We hope that NIAW and our center will be a catalyst for those who are questioning or seeking answers about their fertility to learn more.

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