Financial Affordability and Fertility Treatment


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Financial Affordability and Fertility Treatment

In the midst of the COVID crisis, some patients may understandably be concerned about whether they are going to be able to afford their fertility treatments.  We are lucky to live in Hawaii, one of the 17 states that requires insurance companies to provide coverage for infertility.  Most insurance plans in Hawaii do offer some fertility benefits to their members.  Your financial responsibility will depend on the type of plan you have and sometimes there are criteria that patients have to meet for certain types of treatments, but Dr. Frattarelli and Dr. Karmon will help you navigate through those requirements and select treatment options that best fit your needs and budget.

For patients with limited fertility coverage or no health insurance, Fertility Institute of Hawaii has partnered with several financial service companies that may be able to provide financing options at more favorable terms than banks and/or credit card companies.  We want all of our patients to have access to the treatments they deserve regardless of their financial situation and encourage you to explore our financing options page: For more information regarding which treatment options may be best for you, please call the Fertility Institute of Hawaii at 808-545-2800 to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.

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