Fertility Institute of Hawaii – HI Now TV Segment Discusses Donor Eggs, Sperm, and Embryos

Fertility Institute of Hawaii on HI Now TV

Our third segment was just featured on HI Now (local KGMB/KHNL) on June 18 and 23, 2018, discussing the use of donor eggs, sperm, and embryos as viable choices for fertility treatment. In case you missed the show on air, you can watch it again here.

The Use of Donor Eggs, Sperm, and Embryos

Join us as Drs. Frattarelli and Karmon help to educate us about the use of donor eggs, sperm, and embyros. When to use a donor, who may need to use a donor, and why are discussed. Advances in technology using donated eggs, sperm, or donor embryos are very different types of fertility treatments helping couples to get pregnant. Donor eggs and sperm come from young, healthy, fertile donors, who must pass a rigorous screening process. Donor embryos are from patients who have decided that they have completed their treatment and wish to assist others. Fertility Institute of Hawaii is one of only a few centers in the country offering embryo adoption and donation

A big thank you to the Smith Family for sharing their journey and in welcoming baby Sadey. #FertilityIofHI

View: https://www.hinowdaily.com/donor-eggs-and-donor-embryos-are-viable-choices-for-fertility-treatment/






Photo Courtesy of Rita Coury Photography, 2018

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