Dr. John Frattarelli Shares his Personal Fertility Story

Dr. John L. Frattarelli shares his personal Fertility Story during National Infertility Awareness Week, April 20-25th, 2020. In this brief video, Dr. Frattarelli shares his own story of how infertility has impacted his life, and we hope others will feel inspired to do the same.

A Fertility Specialist with a Personal Connection…

Dr. John Frattarelli is not only a highly trained Reproductive Endocrinologist, but he is also a father of four children who has gone through IVF first-hand and can truly understand where patients are coming from. In this short video, Dr. Frattarelli shares his own personal story and experience of how he and his wife LeighAnn struggled as older adults wanting to start a family. The many trials and tribulations that they went through are many of the same that patients can struggle with each and everyday. The family first welcomed twin boys Justin and Brandon into the world, followed by a beautiful baby girl Hailey. With one embryo left and previous pregnancy complications, the couple completed their family by using a gestational carrier. Ethan was born as the first full-term, Frattarelli baby and quickly captured the hearts of all of his siblings.

“If there was one thing that I would tell all of my patients, it would be to never give up hope.” – J. Frattarelli, MD, HCLD

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