Unexplained infertility- initiating treatment


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Unexplained infertility- initiating treatment

‘Unexplained infertility’ is the terminology used to describe infertility (trouble conceiving after 6 – 12 months of trying) in which no cause is found after medical evaluation. About 75 percent of couples’ infertility is related to ovulatory disorders, tubal disease, and male factors. About 8 percent is due to endometriosis. About 2 percent correlates with cervical or immunological factors and uterine synechiae. The remaining 15 percent of infertility causes get categorized into unexplained infertility. The management for couples with unexplained infertility requires individualized interventions. Lifestyle changes, timed intercourse, intrauterine inseminations (IUI) with clomid or letrozole, and in vitro fertilization (IVF) are considered for treatment. Women who do not conceive with 3-4 cycles of IUI treatment may consider in vitro fertilitzation (IVF), which typically results in the highest pregnancy rate (Hornstein & Gibbons, 2021).

Although the diagnosis of unexplained infertility can be daunting, a recent study suggests that treatments are highly effective. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded a study that followed couples with unexplained infertility. Of the 286 couples who initiated fertility treatment, 79% of couples continued to attempt conception over the course of the long-term trial. One hundred and eighty-two (81%) of the couples who continued trying achieved at least one live birth (ASRM, 2021). This study shows that the majority of couples with unexplained infertility had at least one baby after initiating fertility treatment. Early initiation of fertility treatment may lead to a larger family size

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