At Home Semen Analysis Options


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At-Home Semen Analysis Options

Sperm quality is one of the determining factors of successful conception.  We encourage our patients undergoing fertility evaluation to get a semen analysis at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii, during which our experienced laboratory technicians will evaluate a number of important parameters of sperm quality such as volume, sperm concentration, motility (or movement), and morphology (or shape).  Male infertility can be caused by any or even a combination of these factors, and the earlier they can be identified, the sooner we can recommend appropriate treatment to our patients.

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no laboratories that offer a standard semen analysis to patients residing on neighbor islands.  The best option remains scheduling an appointment with our lab and travelling to Honolulu at your earliest convenience.  You may seek travel reimbursement from your insurance company based on your coverage.

When travelling to Honolulu is not possible, a home-based semen analysis may be a less desirable but acceptable option.  A home-based kit may provide you and your doctor with a simplified analysis, giving the idea of whether or not to pursue further testing.  None of the kits we’ve reviewed offer an accurate sperm count, grade of activity, or percentage of normal sperm.  However, some do estimate the concentration of progressively motile sperm, which seems to be the most predictive factor of fertility.

Please discuss with one of our providers during your appointment whether an at-home semen analysis is an appropriate option for you.

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