Ask the Docs: Fertility Wellness & Preservation

On October 24th, 2023, Drs. John Frattarelli, Anatte Karmon, and Emily Goulet hosted a Facebook livestream entitled, “Fertility Wellness & Preservation.”

Whether you’re planning for the future or seeking valuable insights on preserving your fertility, this livestream is for you!  Ask the Docs share key strategies for maintaining reproductive health and preserving fertility. 

During this session, the following was discussed:

  • What is Fertility Wellness?  
  • What are some helpful tips to preserve fertility?
  • What type of habits hinder fertility?  
  • What are other ways to preserve my fertility? 
  • Introducing the Fertility Wellness Program at FIH 
  • Are there any support groups available for others who struggle w/infertility?

To schedule a consultation and for more information about fertility care, please call our office at 808-545-2800 or visit our website Our initial new patient consultations can now be done from the comfort of your own home. Helping to Create New Beginnings….

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