Torric: Our September Baby of the Month

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“I hope and pray that you continue to be a blessing to all the hopeless parents in helping them create miracles too.”

Mom Irene and her husband were married in their mid-30’s and tried to conceive for over three years, with no success. Working in the medical field herself, Irene met a lot of pregnant moms who went through IVF treatment and who spoke very highly of Dr. Frattarelli and the Fertility Institute of Hawaii. After much thought, the couple decided to seek help from FIH using IVF, confident enough that they can be G-d’s instrument in helping them to create their little miracle baby.

Their first round of IVF with an FET was successful. Beautiful baby “Torric” was born happy and healthy on August 10, 2019.

“From our first visit to the last day I was released to my OB-GYN, Dr. Frattarelli, my IVF Nurse Coordinator Rachel, and the whole staff treated us with so much love, care, and compassion. Thank you so much FIH, we have a wonderful story to tell baby Torric when he grows up and you will be one of the best parts of it.”

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