Sophie & Charlotte: Our February Babies of the Month

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“My heart was full, it had finally happened. I jokingly called them my BOGO babies.”

Mom Ashley and her husband Kevin were married in September of 2014. Shortly after, Kevin joined the military so that he could attend CRNA school. In the next three years, the couple moved from Arkansas to Texas, to North Carolina and finally to Hawaii in 2018. Prior to moving to Hawaii, Ashley was taking oral medications as prescribed by her OBGYN, in the hopes of them helping her to conceive. When the couple moved to Hawaii, they hit the ground running and set up an appointment with Dr. Karmon at FIH. The suggestion was to pursue IVF treatment right away, since a year of oral medications was not helpful.

During the next year and half, they completed two rounds of IVF. The first cycle resulted in no embryos and the second cycle resulted in two embryos, but neither transfer was successful. All of the testing the couple had done came back normal. It was suggested that Ashley may have an egg quality issue. With this knowledge, the couple decided to then pursue IVF using donor eggs. The first lot of donor eggs resulted in three embryos, and the couple transferred two of them.

“The two-week wait after the transfer was the longest two weeks ever. I of course couldn’t wait the full two weeks and tested early at home. As soon as those two pink lines showed up, I was in tears. We had waited over two years for this.” Much to the couple’s surprise, their first ultrasound revealed that they were going to have twins, two healthy sacs were seen. With each passing ultrasound, the couple watched them getting bigger and bigger, still in disbelief that this was real!

On December 31, 2020, the perfect ending to one year and the best beginning for another, beautiful twin girls Charoltte and Sophie were born. “At that moment, I knew that our lives became complete.”

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