Mira: Our December 2017 Baby of the Month

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Trenton and I met in 2010 while I was on vacation in Oahu. We married in 2012 in front of family and friends. After spending a few years on the mainland in both Seattle and Atlanta, we decided to move back to Hawaii in 2014 with the intention of starting a family.

We had been trying for about three years and nothing happened. I decided to make an appt at FIH in October of 2015 and I was soon after diagnosed with DOR (Diminished Ovarian Reserve). We tried one cycle with my own eggs and it was brutal. I was on stim meds for 23 days and we were only able to retrieve 4 eggs from 2 follicles which made 2 very poor quality embryos. Our transfer failed.

Not wanting to waste any time, we moved directly to the option of donor eggs. Our first cycle with a fresh donor did not work out. Then plan C kicked in – frozen egg banks. We quickly found our donor from the Donor Egg Bank database and had her eggs shipped out. We were so excited to move forward with a transfer. Then my lining decided it had other plans. It just wouldn’t grow to where it needed to be. We persisted with Dr. F’s help through two canceled cycles, and finally on my third try we gave it a shot and transferred a beautiful hatching blast in February of 2017.

Our journey was long, painful, and difficult but we found out we were pregnant with Mira June shortly after transfer. She was born November 10, 2017.

So many people told us that we should just give up eventually. I’m glad we didn’t listen to them. The support we received from FIH and my stubbornness certainly paid off.

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