Lydia: Our February 2016 Baby of the Month

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“I knew in my heart that accepting we would never have a child was not an option without first meeting Dr. Frattarelli – Never say never.

When mom Katie met her spouse, he informed her that he could not father children, due to a genetic defect causing male factor infertility. The couple married and life carried on, all the while believing that having children to complete their family was an impossibility. However, the desire to become parents always remained strong. An internet search led the couple to the Fertility Institute of Hawaii and the specialized technique of IVF with ICSI. The couple’s first embryo transfer was a success and on February 11, 2016, beautiful baby Lydia Frances was born.

We don’t want anyone who has been informed that children are not possible to give up hope. Dr. Frattarelli and his amazing staff work hard to fulfill one’s dream of becoming a mother or father. – Katie & Rob

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