Louis: Our November 2017 Baby of the Month

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“Dr. Sloane Berger-Chen was amazing.”

Mom Chelsea knew that she always wanted to have a family. After a miscarriage in January 2015 and a D & C surgery, she and her husband tried to conceive again for another six months without any luck. Unfortunately, Chelsea’s body was taking a long time to get back to “normalcy” after her recent loss. The couple then decided to seek the help of a specialist. “Dr. Berger-Chen was always very supportive and informative. She never made the information or process overwhelming.” Diagnosed with PCOS after other routine testing was done, the recommendation was to start minimally, with a cycle of Clomid. After only one round, Clomid worked with success. Little Louis was born all natural on August 31, 2017, and his parents couldn’t be happier.

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