Kūali’i Zen ‘Ōpūnui: Our June Baby of the Month

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“We are so grateful to Dr. Frattarelli and their amazing IVF team who made our dreams of parenthood come true.”

Mom Kawena and her husband Landon always knew that having a family was part of their future. Aftertrying to conceive for one year on their own, they met with Dr. Frattarelli at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii to discuss their options to grow their ohana. They were fortunate to be selected as participants of the IVF RITA Study at the time. Although this didn’t result in a pregnancy, it provided the couple with valuable insight into their treatment and made them more familiar with the IVF process overall and the egg retrieval itself. After several failed IUI’s, it was time to try another round of IVF treatment. This time, they were able to freeze six PGS tested embryos. Though they went on to then have two chemical pregnancies, Dr. Frattarelli always made them feel like as long as they didn’t give up, at some point they would have their baby. Their next FET transfer was a success!

The couple finally got the news they had been waiting for after so many delays and challenges. They welcomed their beautiful baby boy,Kūali’iZen ‘Ōpūnui into the world on April 18, 2021. Little Kūali’i was born just as happy and healthy as ever, the gift that they had so longed for.

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