Easton: Our July 2017 Baby of the Month

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“Two days after finding out my husband had cancer, we were at FIH sperm banking. It was incredibly overwhelming but I remember the staff treating us like royalty. That attitude stuck with me.”

When Mom Megan met her husband and said I do in front of 150 of their closest family and friends, she never thought this amazing moment and a move to the beautiful Hawaiian islands would be interrupted by one word – “Cancer.” It was supposed to be the start of a fairy tale that soon turned into a nightmare. Megan’s spouse was diagnosed with testicular cancer that since spread to his stomach and lungs, he was only 24. Sperm banking was successful for the couple, however IVF treatment only resulted in one PGS normal embryo. If this little embryo was the only one to survive, he was surely going to be the couple’s miracle baby, an outlook of positivity that Megan and her husband had to take.

On July 21, 2017 adorable baby Easton was born, the true light in his parent’s lives and a little reminder that miracles are possible with a little faith, and science.

The first time I saw the baby and heard the heartbeat, I cried. I felt just like the team was my family, and I could not have done any of this without FIH, the staff, and my amazing nurse, who made sure every step of this was flawless.” – Megan & Casey Robison

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