Chase Ashton Ray: Our February Baby of the Month

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“For many of us, infertility leads to heartbreaks, disappointment, and emptiness. It’s a constant struggle that all you have to hold onto is hope.”

Mom Charlene and her husband decided to seek the help of a fertility specialist, after suffering two miscarriages. Diagnosed with unexplained fertility, the couple first tried IUI, at the suggestion of Dr. Frattarelli. After two failed IUI treatments, IVF was the next best option to pursue for treatment. Unfortunately, their first FET did not work. With the courage to try another FET, this time it was a success! On Father’s Day 2019, Charlene was able to give her parents the best news ever, that she was pregnant with their future grandson.

On December 15, 2019, little Chase was born, just as happy and healthy as ever. You know it was meant to be when baby and mom now share the same birthday. Sometimes life works in mysterious ways and for this couple, their greatest blessing is that of their beautiful son.

“Never lose hope, just when you think it is over, you are sent a miracle.”

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