Carter: Our December Baby of the Month

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“I was completely shocked that it worked because I had lost all hope that IVF would be effective. I guess third time’s a charm!”

Mom Dyan and her husband Kellen got married in April 2014 and started trying to have a baby in the summer of 2015. After a year of trying to get pregnant and nothing happening, Dyan’s OBGYN recommended that she see Dr. Frattarelli. Thus began their fertility journey in the summer of 2016. Preliminary testing showed that Dyan had a polyp in her uterus and two fibroid tumors. She underwent surgery to remove the polyp and soon after started Clomid treatment. Four rounds of Clomid treatment were unsuccessful and the next suggestion was to start IVF. The first round of IVF produced good eggs, but the FET failed. Second FET two embryos were transferred but again, another failed cycle. Dyan did an ERA biopsy, but that also came back normal.

Dyan became very discouraged and her only diagnosis was unexplained fertility. At this point, Dr. Frattarelli even suggested trying surrogacy in the hopes of a successful pregnancy. That being said, she decided to take a break from IVF, as it was physically, mentally, and emotionally draining, not to mention costly. Her hopes were crushed and she needed some time to step back from everything. A year had passed and Dyan was contacted by Jae, her IVF Coordinator in regards to possibly participating in a study, if she qualified, that would allow her one complimentary round of IVF. Dyan was selected as a study participant and she produced five good eggs and implanted one. Her first FET on this round was a success!

Baby girl Carter was born happy and healthy on December 10, 2019. This little girl means the world to both of her parents, and one day, she will come to know her story and just how truly special she is.

“I am so grateful to Dr. Frattarelli and for my first IVF Coordinator Jae for not giving up on me. I also thank my second IVF Coordinators Tiare and Tamara for getting me through my second round of IVF and third FET. If not for the wonderful staff at the Fertility Institute of Hawaii, I would not have experienced pregnancy and the birth of my beautiful daughter.”

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